Monday, June 15, 2009

The Cranberry Village Conquest, Part 1

continued from previous post

When Tony returned, we told him our final decision not to buy into the Cranberry Village time-share plan. “We are not doing this. It’s been great meeting you, but, no this does not suit our lifestyle.”

“Okay,” sighed Tony as he looked at his watch. I looked at my watch as well. It was 5:30. We had been there four and a half hours. Where was everyone? We were the only couple left.

Tony introduced us to Zelda. Zelda appeared to be quality control. She presented a questionnaire. “I just have a few questions,” she smiled. “Were you treated right?” “Yes.”

There were about eight questions along those lines. We answered, “Yes, of course,” to every question. We felt very agreeable. They were letting us get away and being surprisingly pleasant about it.

Suddenly Zelda whipped out one last offer: a one-bedroom for 30 years, occupation for one week every third year. The money upfront was minimal. My head was tired. Marty was smiling.

We'll finish this tomorrow.

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