Thursday, June 11, 2009

Our Cranberry Village Resistance Tactics

We were not going to buy into the time-share vacation plan. We had screwed up our resolve. Our willpower was strong, fueled by our lack of liquid capital.

Our strategy was simple: we were campers, out-in-the-woods, next to the bears and the coons, in a tent, campers. Killarney Provincial Park was our ideal holiday destination, just one step down from visiting the grandkids in prairie Saskatchewan. See if Cranberry Village could match that.

And, after the required two hours at the sales presentation, we would simply politely stand up and leave. That was our strategy.

In the meantime, we golfed, and played horseshoes, and swam and sat in the hot tub and ate gourmet food and hiked out to the water along the boardwalk right out onto the rocky breakwater, and we read and even had time to watch TV.

The two-hour session would be a small price to pay.

Part 3 – The Cranberry Village Trap - tomorrow

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