Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Cranberry Village Bait

We signed up for the promotion package on a whim at the local Home Show last winter. We were looking for somewhere to go for a few nights to celebrate the end of tax season. Two nights for $99, a free round of golf, and $60 toward meals: this sounded like an ideal getaway. All we had to do was promise to sit through the two-hour presentation.

We have friends who have participated in this time-share-promotion holiday at Cranberry Village in Collingwood and have come away bragging about their inexpensive and lovely two-day vacation. “The two-hour presentation was a small, albeit irritating, price to pay,” they reported.

We have distant relatives who have signed up.

We have a close relative who claims that no one can get out of the Cranberry two-hour session without willpower and a strong strategy in place, and even then, one slip and they’ve got you. “They’ll keep you there until they have you even if it takes four hours….”

We have an employee who just laughs and predicts, “They’ll get you.”

Could we 'getaway' without buying a package? Of course we could. We had willpower. We would develop strategy.

Part 2 – Our Cranberry Village Resistance Tactics – tomorrow

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