Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Minnie Goes to Heaven (109)

(a novel continued)

They all bowed their heads, closed their eyes and started praying, first one then another. The words began coming out in tongues. Pretty soon they were all praying different words in different languages and nobody understood anybody. They sounded like ocean waves, a strange melody ebbing and flowing on and on. Then, after half an hour, the room quieted. The women knew something beautiful had happened.
Jill broke the silence. “So what did we just pray?”
Sue had the answer. During that I heard the Lord say in my spirit, “Go pray for people. Love people. Meet their needs in my power and authority. Have compassion—my compassion. I give you my compassion.”
“Wow,” Minnie looked around at the twelve women in the group. “That is so simple.”
They all nodded.
“Let’s pray that we do this, in His power and His authority.”
“Isn’t that what we just did?” Sue said.
“You’re right.” Minnie said.
“Tea anyone?” asked Nan.
That week Minnie didn’t go anywhere before praying that God would open her eyes to be used by Him. She walked the streets in her neighbourhood praying for blessing and peace and salvation to come into each home. She prayed that everyone would have an in-your-face encounter with Jesus. She walked up and down the streets. She nodded at the people she met. 
One day on one of these walks as a lady pushing a baby buggy approached, Minnie heard the Lord say, ‘Ask her if you can pray for her.’
So, instead of stepping aside to let the woman pass Minnie stopped in front of the buggy. The woman looked a little sad and a lot like she might want to beat someone up. 
Minnie blurted, “Could I pray for you?”
“That’s probably the only thing anybody could do right now.”
“What do you need prayer about?”
“Everything. My husband just left me. I’ve got cancer and he can’t handle it.”
Minnie felt like she was in above her head. She shot up a quiet prayer, ‘So Lord, you want me to fix this.’
‘No, Minnie, I want to show myself.’
‘Right. Give me your compassion, Lord.’
“Well, you gonna’ pray or get outa the way?”
“I’ll pray.” Minne bowed her head. “Dear Lord.” Minnie stopped praying. “What’s your name?”
“Dear Lord, please heal Carol of cancer.”
In her spirit she heard, ‘And...’
“And,” she prayed, “Dear Lord soften her husband’s heart. Give him compassion for his wife. Fill his heart with love for Carol. I pray in Jesus name. Amen.”
Then Minnie felt boldness come on her. “Where is the cancer?” she asked.
“All through here,” Carol pulled her arm across her waist.
Minnie spread her hand out just in front of Carol’s waist, without actually touching her. “Cancer, I tell you to leave in the name of Jesus Christ.

“That should do it,” she said with more conviction than she felt. 

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