Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Minnie Goes to Heaven (118)

(a novel continued)

“I know” Jill said. “I get it. What He is telling us, I get it. It’s like He just downloaded the whole plan. We each take our district. We ask people we meet in our area if they want prayer for anything. We take the prayer requests to the church designated for that area. They take ownership of it. They pray about it. God answers. We do the follow up and report to the church what He did to answer the prayer.”
“If that works out,” Hannah added, “Then the church gets all excited about what’s happening and people from the churches go out into their areas and do exactly what we did. The whole thing just multiplies all over the city.”
“Wow, wow, wow. Thank you God,” Minnie said.
“Tea anyone?” Nan asked.
“I’ve got a question,” Bea said, “If when Jesus sent out the disciples they went out two-by-two, why are we going out alone?”
Everyone looked at Bea.
“She’s got a point,” Jill said.
“It probably is better to double up,” Minnie said.
“And more fun,” Melissa added.    
“If we double up, each group gets two areas,” Minnie said.
“Or we could recruit more people,” Jill said.
“We could go to the churches designated for the area and ask for one volunteer?” Amie said.
“That’s a great idea,” Minnie said. They all nodded in agreement. Jill volunteered to write up a letter to take to the churches. They prayed for wisdom, favour and success. 
Then they had tea.
Jill wrote a simple letter.
Dear __________________ church,
We are a group of Christian women from various denominations here in Haven. We are praying for the needs of this city. We have one volunteer willing to pray for the area shown on the enclosed map. Would your church be able to supply us with a volunteer to make it a team? The team would pray for the area and visit the area asking people for prayer requests.
Thank you for your consideration.
In Christ

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