Thursday, July 11, 2013

Minnie Goes to Heaven (115)

(a novel continued)

“We have a pool at our house,” said Bea. “You could baptize us in the pool.”
“I was thinking of just sprinkling some water on your head,” Minnie said.
“They didn’t do it that way in the Bible,” Shirley said.
“I guess not,” Minnie said. “We’ll do it the way they did it in the Bible.”
They agreed to meet the next afternoon at Bea’s house for a swim and a little baptism.
Is it okay if I invite a few friends?” Minnie asked. She was thinking of the discipleship group. She knew some her friends hadn’t been baptized either.
“Sure,” said Bea. “The more the merrier.”   

The next day seven from the discipleship group showed up at Bea’s with their bathing suits, towels and an assortment of snacks. The others from the group had previous commitments such as jobs or they would have been there as well.
The women gathered up on the deck at the edge of the above-ground pool, talking excitedly. Minnie touched the water with her toe. It felt cold. ‘O Lord, help me.’ Minnie hadn’t been swimming since her swimming lesson in heaven. “How deep is this?” she asked.
“Oh, not very, up to your chest maybe.” Bea said.
Minnie grit her teeth as she let herself down into the water. She shivered, “This is cold.” 
“You get used to it pretty quickly,” Bea knelt down on the deck and pulled a thermometer out of the water, “It says here the water is at 78 degrees, or 27 in Canadian.”
"That’s not so cold," Minnie watched the goosebumps form on her upheld arms. “Okay, who’s first?” she asked as she bounced around on the bottom of the pool.
Bea and Shirley jumped in together. “Can’t you do us at the same time?”
“I don’t see why not,” Minnie said.

The discipleship group quieted. 

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