Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Minnie Goes to Heaven (110)

(a novel continued)

Minnie walked on along the street, anticipating, then doubting, Carol's healing. 'O Lord, please heal her.'
She was still praying when she turned a corner and practically bumped into a little girl in the middle of the sidewalk staring up into a maple tree. “My cat is stuck," the little girl said. “She’s been there a long time. She won’t come down.”
 “She’ll probably come down when she gets hungry.” 
“I don’t think so. She can’t turn around. She is shaking.” The girl began to cry.
“We can pray,” Minnie said.
“Will that work?”
“Of course,” Minnie said with assurance, more assurance than she felt. “Dear Jesus, this little girl wants her cat to come down the tree safely. Dear Jesus, please help her cat come down. Amen.” She looked up at the cat, “Now cat you come down from that tree.”
The cat swung her tail up, turned around and scampered down.
“Thank you, Jesus,” Minnie said as she walked on down the street.
This could be fun. 

Next Minnie noticed two women standing at the end of a driveway. They stopped talking, waiting for her to pass.
In her spirit she heard, ‘They need help.’
‘What kind of help?’
‘Ask them.’
As she came alongside them she asked, “Do you need help?” She fully expected them to tell her to mind her own business.
“No. Do we look like we need help?”
“Not really.” Minnie was beginning to feel very foolish.
“Why did you ask?”
“The truth is, well, the truth is...”
The women waited as Minnie formulated her thoughts.
"Well you might think I’m crazy, but here goes...the truth is I’ve been listening to Jesus in my spirit and He asked me to ask you so I did.”

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