Thursday, July 18, 2013

Minnie Goes to Heaven (120)

(a novel continued)

They all looked at Mary. “That must have been one nightmare of a place,” Nan said. She had heard stories from Minnie over the years.
“Sorry for bringing my junk here.” Mary said. “It’s sometimes hard to make the adjustment into reality. My counsellor has been helping me see truth, which is a big job after I’d been so brainwashed.”
“Do you want us to pray for you?” Brenda asked. Brenda, always very quiet, had the gift of compassion.
“I don’t want to take the meeting off track.” Mary said.
“Nonsense,” Hannah said. “We’re about Jesus and Jesus is about salvation which includes healing people.”
The women gathered around Mary and prayed for her. Brenda saw a picture of Mary the Mother of Jesus when she was pregnant with Jesus. Brenda prayed that the Lord would be able to use Mary to bring Jesus to the world as He had used the first Mary to bring Jesus into the world.
They prayed that Mary would experience the peace of Jesus Christ and know the truth, that she would be blessed with discernment and wisdom. While they prayed, tears streamed down Mary’s face. Nan put a box of tissues in Mary’s hand. At the last ‘amen’ Mary smiled peacefully. “Thank you,” she said.
“The Lord did something totally amazing just now,” Hannah said. “While we were ministering to Mary, He was talking to me about the Catholic Church. We definitely should have the rally there.”
“What did He say?” Jill asked.
“It’s hard to explain exactly. I always had a big problem with the way they give so much attention to Mary and here we were giving all our attention to this Mary and the Lord said in my spirit, ‘you are all my children, every one of you.’ I know he was talking about the people in the Catholic church as well.”
“But, would they even let us have a rally there?” Amie asked.

“We can ask,” Minnie said. After a bit of discussion, Minnie and Hannah volunteered to follow up with the priest at the cathedral. 

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