Thursday, July 4, 2013

Minnie Goes to Heaven (111)

(a novel continued)

 “Wait, I know you,” one of the women said. “I thought you looked familiar. You are the one who had the car accident and went into a coma and came back talking about heaven. I went to that church service.”
“That’s me.”
“Well, I don’t believe any of it. I figure you just had one long dream under the influence of all the drugs they put into a person in the hospital. Like, if you really went to heaven...why on earth would you come back here?”
“I figured God could use me here. There are so many people who are going to spend eternity in hell which is a way worse place than here and I figured if I could help just a few of those people change the direction they are going in, it would be worth it. Heaven can wait. Do you ladies know where you are going?” 
The two women looked at each other. The second one said, “We’re pretty good people, so if there is a heaven and that’s where the good people go, we’re going to heaven. If there isn’t a heaven then we’ll just die.  The end.”
“So you don’t believe in God?”
“I do,” the second woman said. “But, He’s different for everyone. Everyone should be able to believe the way they want. All roads eventually lead to the same place.”
“What if I told you that Jesus is the only way to God?"
“I would say prove it,” the first woman said.
‘Now what, Jesus?’ Minnie prayed, quietly.
‘Prove it.’
‘Ask for a miracle.’
“Okay,” Minnie said, “If Jesus did a miracle right now would you believe He was real?”
“What kind of miracle?”
‘Jesus, what kind of miracle?’
‘The kind I did while I was on earth.’
“Like turn water into wine?” asked Minnie.

“Sure, I’ll just get a bottle of water,” the second woman said. She headed up the driveway. Less than a minute later she was back with a plastic bottle of spring water. “Here,” she said as she handed the bottle to Minnie.

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