Friday, July 19, 2013

Minnie Goes to Heaven (121)

(a novel continued)

The next morning Minnie called the Catholic church office. 
"Just come right over," the secretary said. "Our priest, Father George, will be happy to talk to you. He'll be  in the main sanctuary taking confessions all morning." 
Minnie got in touch with Hannah and they went over together.
"Feels holy." Hannah whispered as they entered the sanctuary. Sunlight filtered in through the stain glass panes of the four windows on each side of the church. Each window depicted a different scene in Jesus life on earth. 
They saw a priest over at the far side of the sanctuary in front of a bank of candles and a woman kneeling in a pew close to an ornate altar at the front. Minnie and Hannah walked quietly over to the priest. They introduced themselves.
“Yes, I’ve been expecting you,” he said. “I’m Father George.”
“I’ve never been in here before, it’s beautiful,” Minnie said.
Father George led them to an office down a hallway off the side at the back of the sanctuary.  Once they were seated in two small chairs in front of the desk in the rather small office, they explained what they were after. They surprised themselves with the detail they were able to relate. Father George had a way of making them totally comfortable. He listened with great interest.
“Let me summarize,” he said, “just so that we know we are on the same page.” He smiled a benevolent smile. “You girls have gathered volunteers from all the churches in town to listen to the needs of all the people in town and pray for them. You want this cathedral to be involved as well so you are asking if you can have your ‘kick-off’ rally here in this place. Did I get that right?”
“And,” Minnie said, “we’re wondering if the people of this parish would want to take part as well by praying for the needs that we find out about. We would put the needs on a list every week and send them to you.”
Father George stood up. “I’ll show you a room you could possibly use. How many people did you say?”
“About 32,” Minnie said.                                                                                 
“Perfect,” he said. He led them further down the hall and around a corner, down a stairway to a large open space about the size of a small gym. “How’s this?”

“Perfect,” Minnie said. 

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