Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Minnie Goes to Heaven (119)

(a novel continued)

“So, who signs the letter?” Jill asked Minnie when she read it to her over the phone. “We don’t even have a name for our group, no letterhead, no credibility....”
“We’ll just let the volunteer who is doing that area, sign the letter and bring it to the church.”
By the end of the week each church had been visited. And, within two weeks they had a volunteer from every single church.
“We should have some kind of kick-off rally.” Minnie said at the next meeting at Nan’s.
Nan looked around the room. “Where should we have it? Can’t fit too many more bodies in this place.”
“How about at the centre of town?” Melissa said.
“That’s where the Catholic Cathedral is,” Jill said.
“Exactly. The Catholic Church is the only church in town not involved yet.”
“Besides the church out at the compound.” said Mary, who had decided to join the group for this meeting seeing how her mother had wangled her into being part of a prayer team, not that she minded. She actually was excited about this project. Mary had a heart to see people come to know Jesus. That was how Brandon had captured her attention in the first place. He had made it sound like his church was the beginning of a countrywide revival.
“You can’t really call that a true church, the church on the compound, I mean,” Minnie said.
“I’ve got issues with the Catholic Church as well,” Hannah said.
“Well, if we waited for every church to get their act completely together we would have to wait until everybody was burning in hell.” Shirley said. She blushed. “That’s what the pastor at my new church told me.”
“The litmus test is ‘does this church teach that Jesus Christ is the Saviour of the world?’ I believe the Catholic Church does, so we should include it.” Jill said.

“At the compound, Brandon is the saviour of the world,” Mary said to no one in particular. 

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