Friday, January 22, 2010

The Crokinole Champ's Secret

Every Christmas Marty and his brother-in-law have a game of crokinole. Every Christmas Marty wins. His secret: he has flat fingernails.


CrokHeads said...

Can't see enough pictures of people at a crokinole board. Which one is Marty? Who owns the board? If Marty has an interest in putting the 'flat finger' theory to the test there is probably a crokinole club in the vicinity. Check out:
I gather from other blogposts that you are in Owen Sound. There's a club there hosted by the father of the World Crokinole Champion. I play here in Toronto, alas, with tragically curved fingers.You may have a point though, the Champ, Brian Cook, has pretty flat fingernails. Enjoyed your blogpost.

Eric Miltenburg
Toronto Crokinole Club

Clif said...

Hi Champ, everybody over looks it BUT it's really skill that make a champion.Congraulations!

Here is a special invitation to come to the BC Crokinole Championships MARCH 20. Oliver BC and show us your stuff,flat finger & skill. Please pass this event notice on and contact clif at for more details. like a look at last years event.

Marian said...

Marty is the one on the right with his hand on the board. His brother-in-law on the left owns the board.

We used to be in Owen Sound, now we live in Hamilton. Is there a club in Hamilton?