Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Key Saga, Part 3 - Guilty as Charged

As she spoke, my eyes fell on a bunch of keys. She was describing the set of keys inside my purse. My mouth fell open.

“Kim, they are here, in my purse. Should I bring them over?”

“Yes, please." The ‘I thought so,’ was practically audible.

I zipped over to Kim’s where her she and her children were patiently waiting. Kim (kind human being that she is) apologized to me.

I had to straighten that out. “Kim I am the one that took the keys. I’m sorry. You’ll probably all be late.” I looked at the children.

“That’s okay,” her kids chimed. They thanked me—apparently not getting to school on time is a good thing.

Moral of the story: every situation has a silver lining for someone.

(more key saga)

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