Monday, January 4, 2010

Key Saga, Part 2 - No.1 Suspect in the Case of the Missing Keys

(continued from previous post)
“My keys were on the couch where I dropped them,” she said. Your things were also on the couch,” she went on to say.

I knew I didn’t have her keys, but I wanted to be kind, and so chose my words carefully, “Sooooo, I should check my coat pockets, I suppose.” Phone in hand, I walked over to the closet. I checked each coat pocket—twice, for good measure. “They aren’t here, Kim,” I said kindly, although she might have detected a touch of ‘I knew I didn’t have them’ in my voice.

“When I have keys in my hand, I drop them into my purse,” I said trying to re-create a scene that obviously didn’t happen.

I took my purse off the shelf in the front closet and set it on the table. “So, I’ll check my purse,” I said to Kim.

“They are a big bunch of keys with a green Sobey’s card attached,” she said helpfully.

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