Wednesday, January 20, 2010

We Shop at Costco (sort of)

My husband handed me our first ever dividend cheque from Costco. Since we joined Costco about a year ago we have been there approximately 5 times. We have bought two cakes, a glass pitcher which I love, a huge bag of chips which broke open and spilled in the freezer, a potted yellow lily, two bags of kitty litter, a carton of pop and we had our passport pictures taken at Costco.

Mostly I drive past the Costco parking lot with no desire to go in. The place is always packed. Most items come in big or bigger. I have to show a special I.D. to get in and am required to show my receipt on the way out. All these things irritate me.

That’s probably why our dividend cheque only came to 69 cents.

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