Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What Can Happen with the Institutionalization of Birthday Wishes – Part 1

Belated Happy Birthday Wishes

While I was volunteering down in the Rock Shop at the Living Rock, (a ministry for street-involved youth) I heard myself paged. “Marian, call Veronica at 389.” No one ever paged me. Maybe I heard the name wrong. I thought this was probably someone paging MaryAnne. I asked Sandra, who was working with me, and yes she had heard ‘Marian’ as well.

Using the Rock Shop intercom/phone proved too technical for me, so I headed up to the reception area for help with follow through. Val at reception pointed me to the correct area and soon enough I was talking to Veronica. She had a lovely computer-generated ‘Happy Birthday’ card for me. It was signed by various members of the Rock staff and was full of personal well-wishes which touched my heart. Veronica apologized because the card was a little late.

“Like about 9 months,” I said.

This surprised Veronica. She thought the card to be about three weeks late.

Somewhere there must be a list with my birthday in the wrong month. Should I find it and correct it? At my age a person doesn’t want too many birthdays.

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