Monday, January 25, 2010

My Great Fortune

Last week I received a wonderful email. The email was from Mellisa Graham. Have you heard of her? I haven’t either. She has a very British name, yet writes as though English is her second language. I think she spelt her name wrong.

I call this a wonderful email because it is full of wonderful news for me, not so wonderful for poor Mellisa, but she is not asking for sympathy or even compassion. I think she just wants to get on with her death.

This poor 73 three year old lady has been dieing of cancer for about 2 years, although she is going for an operation (later today according to the email).

‘Poor’ is not the word I should use to describe Mellisa. She has a lot of money. Mellisa doesn’t even know me and she is leaving me 25 million dollars. I can’t begin to guess what she is giving to the people she actually knows.

She wants me to use the money to do the good work of the lord.

She is so humble about this. She doesn’t seem to want to meet me or find out exactly how I will use the money. She simply passed me over to her lawyer.

Some people are so trusting.


Christine Faour said...

Wow Marian! What a wonderful surprise! Have you any idea what you'll do with your fortune?

Marian said...

Well, I'd like to buy a house in Montreal to help people who need a place to stay when they are in the area.

Anita said...

a Nigerian prince wanted to give us money too -- we just had to give him our banking information....ugg