Thursday, January 7, 2010

Keys and Tea

(a continuation)
How did Kim’s keys get into my purse? She is the one with the admitted problem with keys. I almost always know where my keys are. Just ask my husband. Well, don’t ask my husband, he has been known to say, “You and keys. What is it with you and keys?” Admittedly, this is a valid question.

I was at a house-warming for a friend. We had a lovely social evening with desserts and Chai tea, very delicious Chai tea. With good intentions I acquired the recipe to make the tea myself. The recipe is very complicated. It includes going to a special Asian store to buy the exact ingredients. I thought of posting the recipe here for those of you who like complicated tea recipes that promise to make very delicious tea, but can't find it back. Also the night I drank the tea I suffered a stomach ache. This may have to do with the tea or the rich desserts.

Back to the Keys
After our little tea party, I couldn’t locate my van keys.


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