Monday, January 4, 2010

Key Saga, Part 1 - Who Stole Kim’s Keys?

Kim told me she had a reputation for leaving her keys in random places. She told me about the time she went to the mall with her mother and sister. After their shopping expedition, Kim wanted to unlock her car, when she realized she didn’t have her keys. She believed she had dropped her very substantial key ring with its half dozen keys somewhere in the mall.

She backtracked through the various malls stores at double quick pace, hoping to discover the keys before the mall locked up for the evening. Miraculously, just before closing time she found her keys behind a bench in a dressing room in one of the many stores she had visited earlier.

I knew Kim had a problem with keys. So why did she think I had her keys? This was a real stretch. Kim phoned me at 8:50 one Tuesday morning to ask me if I—who happened to be in her home the evening previous with three others—had her keys.

Why would I have her keys?


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