Friday, June 21, 2013

Minnie Goes to Heaven (101)

(a novel continued)

“Anybody can hear Him. You just have to listen.” Minnie said.
“I know, I know. You told me this before. The thing is I still hear Brandon’s voice a lot. I think I’m ready to see a counselor.”
“But how do you find a good counselor?” John asked.
“God knows,” Minnie said.
“Then He’ll have to tell us,” Mary said.
“Let’s ask him right now, Minnie said.
Mary surprised her mother by immediately praying, “Dear God, show us a good counselor.”
“Amen,” John said.
“Are you hearing anything?” Minnie asked.
“‘I am,’” Mary said.
"What are you hearing?"
"'I am,' that's what I'm hearing."
“Are you sure that wasn’t me saying, ‘amen’?” John said.
“You said ‘amen’?” Mary smiled. 
“Well God, the Holy Spirit is the best counselor of all,” Minnie said.
“But, Mary could use some human help as well, don’t you think?” John said.
“Then God, show us who that could be,” Minnie prayed.
Three days later they had the answer. A man knocked on the door. “Is this yours?” he said as he handed Minnie a business card. 
“I don't think so,” Minnie said. “What’s it for?”
“Some kind of counseling.”

Minnie studied the card. When she looked up the man was gone. She peered up and down the street and couldn’t see him anywhere. Hershal?

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