Friday, June 28, 2013

Minnie Goes to Heaven (107)

(a novel continued)

‘At least you aren’t telling me about the kind of death I’m going to die.’
‘If I did would you still follow me?’
‘Of course, I’ve been dead. It’s a great place to be. Besides I love you.’
‘Feed my sheep.’
Minnie thought about what that could mean. ‘Which sheep, Lord?’
‘My sheep.’
‘So, I feed your sheep your Word. That is the follow through? 
'Follow me.'
'In golf I keep swinging in the same direction for lift-off,' Minnie hesitated as she reached for a parallel.'The direction you had me going was to pray that the churches would be able to work together and that everyone in this whole town would come to love you and serve you. I am so sorry Lord, I stopped praying for that. When my club hit the ball, I simply stopped swinging. Dear Lord, forgive me.’
‘I have forgiven you. Follow me.’
Minnie prayed. She prayed with John and Mary. She prayed with the discipleship group. They prayed that the Lord would show them how to win Haven for Him. They prayed that all the churches would work together. Then one night Minnie had a dream. 

In the dream the discipleship group was praying at Pebble Beach. More and more people gathered as they prayed. Along the outside edge of the beach preachers from every denomination stood like talking flowers in a lush garden. People flocked around each flower fascinated by the beauty. More and more people gathered. 

Nan had a similar dream. In her dream people filled the beach and spilled over into the water where they began baptising each other.

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