Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Minnie Goes to Heaven (105)

(a novel continued)

As they walked up to the door, a policewoman stepped out of her car. “Are you Mr. and Mrs. Beeky?”
“We are,” John said.
“I have a missing person’s report here.”
“Who's missing?” John  asked. 
"You are, according to this report. Normally we wouldn’t be concerned. You’ve only been missing for a few hours, but the person who reported the incident insisted that this was a very serious matter.” 
The policewoman wanted to see proof of identity. .She expressed relieve that they were who they said they were and retreated to her police car where, no doubt she radioed to call off the search.
Once in the house, Mary wondered out loud, “Do you think they went out to the compound? I can imagine what Brandon would do with that.”
“What would he do?” Minnie asked.
“Probably not tell them anything and insist they get a search warrant. He loved to make things difficult and then brag about it later.”
“So what do you think about working at Louie’s,” John asked.
Well, I guess it doesn’t make sense after what the waitress said. I’m glad we found out now. By the way, thanks for dinner Dad. That was awesome.”
“Awesome is one of those words that should only be used for God,” Minnie said.
“Well, you know what I mean. I didn’t think you were so rigid, Mom.”
“I’m not, it’s just that if we take the words that sort of describe God and use them to describe lesser things, there is nothing left to describe Him. It’s difficult enough to find words describe Him. It's just something I've been thinking about lately.”

The next several months passed very quickly, Christmas came and went as did Bill and Treasa’s wedding and pretty soon John was full into another planting season. Minnie was restless. It was almost a year and a half since her visit to heaven. What had she done since then? The town didn’t seem any closer to revival, or whatever you wanted to call it. What was she expecting? ‘Lord, I want to see you working in signs and wonders. I want everyone in town to be giving you praise for the amazing God you are. Lord, I want every man, woman and child to accept, you Jesus, as their personal Saviour. I want everyone to recognize you as Lord. I want to see all the churches working together as one. I want to see the churches overflowing with members, every one of them recognizing who you are.’
‘Now, you are talking,’ the Lord said inside Minnie’s spirit.
‘What should I be doing?’ asked Minnie.
‘Follow through.’
‘Like in golf?’


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