Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Minnie Goes to Heaven (92)

(a novel continued)

Minnie thought carefully. She heard Jesus say, ‘Let her tell you.’
“Why do you think He did, Mary?”
“Well, maybe I wasn’t ready just then to come out and stay out. I certainly am now.”
“That makes total sense.”
“Mom, it’s getting hot. Let’s go for a swim.” 

During the next several days Mary told her mother snippets about life on the compound and Minnie told Mary bits and pieces of her heavenly visit.
“So, now I’m just obeying what I’m hearing Jesus say in my spirit,” Minnie said. “God said He wants me to work with Him to bring revival to Haven. He gave me a picture of all the churches working together.”
“So how is that going to happen?” Mary said.
“The beauty of working with God is that I really don’t have to know how He is going to do it. I just obey Him and He does everything else.”
“Wow, Mom, I would like to have that kind of relationship with Him.”
“You can Mary. You don’t have to go to heaven to hear Jesus in your spirit. Just start listening.”
“How do I know it's Him talking?”
“You learn to distinguish His voice. The enemy tries to make you think he is God. The enemy usually makes you feel guilty and condemns you. You have to draw close to Jesus.”
“I keep hearing Brandon’s voice.”
“That’s why Dad and I think counseling would help—sort of a debriefing.”
Mary agreed to think about it. “It’s just that how do I pick a good counsellor?”
“We’ll pray that God sends one.”

By the end of the holiday, Minnie and Mary felt refreshed and ready to tackle life. 

When his girls returned home, John was not to be found. “It’s ten p.m. He doesn't usually work this late,” Minnie said.

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