Friday, June 21, 2013

Minnie Goes to Heaven (102)

(a novel continued)

Minnie brought the card inside and set it on the table. It said, ‘Salem. Professional Counseling, J. A. Stanfield, 333 Main Street West.’ There was a phone number.
When Mary came home later that evening, she examined the card. “I guess it’s worth a phone call, anyway.” Mary called the number the next morning before work and actually made an appointment for later that day.
“Do you want me to come along?” Minnie asked.
“Would you?” Mary said. “I mean what’s to say this isn’t a hoax of some kind? Who’s to say Brandon doesn’t have something to do with this?”
“Maybe Dad should come too,” Minnie said.
“I would feel better if he did,” Mary said. “Maybe this appointment wasn’t such a good idea. What if it is something Brandon cooked up.”
“I don’t think it is honey, but the three of us could go just in case. And, we won’t leave you alone. I’ll even tell Nan where we're going so she can call the police if we’re not home by a certain time.”
That afternoon John came home from work early and the three of them went to the downtown address on the card. Since they only lived a few blocks from downtown, they walked—Mary between her parents. “If I was shorter we could do the swingy thing.” Mary said.
“We could try,” John said.
“Maybe you two could swing me,” Minnie said, “I’m the shortest.”
At 333 Main Street West, they found a large brick house recently converted into offices. 
"I wondered what they were doing with this place," John said. 
According to the board in the entrance area, Salem offices were on the second floor. They took the stairs up. A smart-looking receptionist greeted them there. Mary let out a noticeable sigh of relief. While they sat on chairs in the reception area, she filled out the required forms.

Several minutes later the counselor came out to see them. He shook Mary’s hand. “Hello Mary, I am Justin. I hope to be your counselor. And these must be your parents?” John and Minnie stood to shake Justin’s hand. 

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