Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Minnie Goes to Heaven (104)

(a novel continued)

“You followed me around when I was cleaning house. You for some reason especially wanted to help clean the toilet.”
“I loved watching the blue stuff swirl away,” Mary remembered.
“You didn’t seem to like the toilet when it was time for toilet training, though,” Minnie said.
“I was scared I might fall in.”
“You had a point there. You were just a little tyke,” John said.
“What is your favourite childhood memory?” Minnie asked.
Mary thought for a long while. “I liked when we all went out to the woods to pick the Christmas tree. Do you guys still do that?”
“No,” Minnie said, “It's not the same without little kids.”
“I just take one home from the nursery,” John said.
“We could do it this year,” Minnie said. “for old time’s sake. Maybe we could even convince George and Bill to join us. No, I guess that won't work. I wonder how Bill's wedding plans are coming?”
“Oh yesterday Treasa asked me to be a bridesmaid,” Mary said. “She phoned.”
“That’s wonderful,” Minnie said. 
“We’re supposed to go shopping right after Christmas.”
When the meal was over, John remembered to tip generously and the three headed for home. They noticed a police car parked in front of 33 Main Street. “I wonder what that’s about.” said John.

When they reached home, there was also a police car in their lane. “Now, I really wonder what that’s about.” Minnie said. Then she remembered what she had told Nan. “Oh puff. I hope they are not looking for us.”

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