Monday, June 10, 2013

Minnie Goes to Heaven (95)

(a novel continued)

The very next day the Department of Agriculture sent out a bulletin announcing a simple and effective remedy. A scientist at a research facility in Ottawa had spent the last number of years on a project involving mold. He discovered that a soapy solution mixed with mouse droppings applied as fertilizer would stop mold completely. The project was in its final phase of testing and as part of the government's disaster relief they approved the region of Haven as an experimental area 
John ordered a batch of the formula and spread it throughout his greenhouses. His crop could be back on track by late June. Most farmers in the area applied the formula, reseeded, and prayed there wouldn’t be an early frost in the fall. Of course this wouldn't work for the apple crop. 

The churches called another prayer meeting. This time they called it, The Lord is our Help in Times of Trouble. Almost as many people came. This time the arena was filled with prayers of thanksgiving and songs of praise. 

Minnie worried that the unborn babies issue would die. ‘Don’t worry, pray’ snapped her out of her old habit. So Minnie prayed. In fact she prayed and fasted. For three days she only drank water. 
Mary took over cooking duties. 
“Where did you learn to cook like this?” John asked his daughter.
“At the compound.” 
John detected some bitterness. “Mary,” he said simply, “I believe you can be free of all that junk. Have you forgiven Brandon?”
“You might want to. When you don’t forgive, you become trapped in the unforgiveness. It is like putting yourself in jail. Forgiveness is the key to freedom.”
“What if I don’t feel like forgiving him?”
“I’d say make the choice to do it and ask God to help you.”
Mary looked into her father’s sincerely sympathetic eyes. “Okay, what have I got to lose?”
“Nothing except unforgiveness,” John said.
“Here goes. I forgive Brandon for lying to me, for stealing from me, for deceiving me and for being a big jerk. Help me Lord not to hold anything against him any more. In Jesus name, Amen.” 
Mary opened her eyes. “That about covers it, wouldn’t you say?”
“Yes, that about covers it.” John hugged his daughter. I love you, Mary. I’m so glad you are back with us.”

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