Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Minnie Goes to Heaven (91)

(a novel continued)

“What made you start thinking again?”
“Probably your prayers—I can’t attribute it to anything else. One day I was in the house, in the baby’s room. It was about time for the little one to wake up, but she was sleeping so soundly I didn’t want to wake her. I was sitting by the crib, just waiting when I heard Brandon on the phone in another room. I don’t know who he was talking to, but he was saying some really crazy stuff. I think he had ordered something and the order got messed up. Well, he made up this big lie about why he needed the thing right away and he said he was the head of this big company and he even gave himself another name. If I didn’t know his voice so well, I would have thought it wasn’t Brandon talking.
“Hearing him blatantly lie, so convincingly, got me thinking. What was stopping him from lying to us?
“That’s when I began letting myself think again. I even questioned him to his face on some stuff. At Christmas I really intended to leave for good. 
Then when I was home, I started having second thoughts. What if what Brandon said was really true? He always seemed to have plausible answers. Like when I challenged him on the phone call, he laid in to me about eavesdropping and then he got real soft and said, by the way, that name he used on the phone was the name of a company he ran and and he still owned but was mostly dormant. 
What if God really was talking to him and telling him that the world was full of hypocrites and the only way to heaven was to listen to Brandon's superior knowledge? I really believed that for so long. 
I was still struggling with this question over Christmas before we went to pick up my stuff. So I asked God for a sign. I asked that if Brandon alone came out to meet us personally, then I would know I was wrong to leave and had to go back. 
 When that happened, I was so disappointed. 
“Then when I was back there, I kept seeing the hypocrisy. Brandon always accused people on the outside of hypocrisy, but he was the biggest hypocrite of all time. My eyes were so opened to it. It was like I had been blind before. I started talking about it with some of the others. Of course I got reported. And, shunned. Life was pretty miserable by the time I called dad to come get me.
“Can I ask you something Mom?”

“Why do you think God let Brandon come out to meet us?”

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