Monday, March 4, 2013

Minnie Goes to Heaven (28)

(a novel continued)

Minnie had forgotten all about class. “Oh, dear, I’m still in my going-to-see-God clothes.” The linen shift felt so light and comfortable, she wanted to wear it forever.
“Don’t concern yourself about that.” Hershal said. “The gown is yours to wear when and where you wish.”
Minnie danced out to greet her parents. They hugged and kissed and set out holding hands, Minnie in the middle. “Dad, remember back on earth when you said not to try to figure out the book of Revelations? What do you think about that now?”
“About what I said, or about the book of Revelations?”
He stopped and looked Minnie in the eyes. His own eyes welled with tears. “Minnie back on earth I tried to be the best father I could be. I said and did many foolish things, thinking they were wise. Minnie, please forgive me.”
“Since we’ve been here the eyes of our heart have been and are continually being enlightened.” Mom added.
“Of course I forgive you, Dad. I know you could only go by what you knew at the time. But what do you know now? I am so curious.”
“I think, I—we—should have been prayerfully studying the Bible. There are people who come here from all over the world who know much more about the things of the Lord than I do even yet. These people had an intimate relationship with Jesus while on earth. They talked to Him. They asked Him questions. He answered them.”
“We can’t cry over spilt milk,” Mom said.
“You still say that here, Mom?”
They laughed.
Before they could get into the book of Revelations, they were at the meadow where Samuel greeted Minnie, and her parents headed to their classes. 

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