Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Minnie Goes to Heaven (34)

(a novel continued)

“Breakfast,” Hershal called.
Minnie went in. “Hershal you didn’t tell me I should be praying at the lake each day,” she said.
He smiled. “Mine is not to tell you what to do.
“When do we go to the heavenly throne, can you tell me that?”
“Oh yes, Hershal said. I am here to minister to you, to answer your questions, but not to direct you, unless of course the Lord directs. Right after breakfast is the perfect time to head over to God’s throne. All the angels and people will be going.”
“Will there be room for everyone?”
“There’s always room.  God on his throne rises up over the heavenly city and sits high and lifted up where all can see and worship.”
The sweet aroma of a heavenly pecan-covered cinnamon bun on her breakfast plate failed to capture Minnie's attention. She would be seeing God again soon. She knew He probably won’t be picking her up and setting her in his lap this time, but just seeing Him, would be more than enough.
“It isn't necessary to eat,” Hershal said when Minnie looked at the breakfast. 
Minnie considered that for less than a moment. Then I won't. Thank you Hershal,” she said as she hurried to  her room. When she opened the closet door her linen going-to-God gown shone like a star. She thanked her Father for her new eyes. Her earthly eyes would surely have been blinded. She slipped the gown over her head and arranged the pearl belt. 
Hershal was waiting for her outside by the lake. He looked twice his usual size—four times when he spread his wings—which he did. “Hop on,” Hershal said simply as he lowered his back so Minnie could climb aboard.
Soon they were flying high over the meadow.
They landed gently in the heavenly green grass just outside Jerusalem. An ocean of angels and peoples from every tribe and nation continued to gather all that morning. 
God in all Glory sat on his throne on a sea of glass above the city. Twenty-four men were seated on thrones surrounding the throne. Minnie recognized Peter among them. He had a gold crown on his head as did the others on the thrones. A rainbow resembling an emerald surrounded the main throne separating God’s throne from the others. 

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