Thursday, March 7, 2013

Minnie Goes to Heaven (31)

(a novel continued)

Minnie popped into a game of twenty questions. “Are you related to Peter?”
“Are you married?”
“There is no marriage in heaven.”
“Did you meet Jesus when He came to earth?”
 “Did you know each other on earth?”
 “Did you live in Jerusalem?”
“Were you at the cross?”
“Yes, but you wouldn't know that.”
“Are you related to Jesus?”
“Here in heaven, but not on earth.”
“On earth were you friends with Jesus?”
“Friends with each other?”
“No. Although we loved each other.”
Suddenly Minnie knew, “Are you Mary, Martha and Lazarus?”

“Hershal served tuna sandwiches and a spinach salad.
“Mmm, long time since I’ve had fish. It’s quite good,” Peter said. He related how he had had enough fish to last two lifetimes while he was a fisherman, and never thought to have fish while in heaven. “This definitely beats all the fish I’ve ever caught or tasted on earth. Although, that fish Jesus fed us at the seashore after He rose from the dead was pretty good.”
“Peter, you are my favourite disciple.” Minnie ventured.
“I’m partial to John,” Mary said.
“I believe Matthew was always the most thoughtful,” Martha said.
“No one comes close to Jesus.” Lazarus laughed. I owe Him big time.
“What was it like going back to earth, after you had been in this most wonderful place?” Minnie asked.
“If I didn’t love my sisters so much, I would say it was a real let down.”
“Very punny.” Peter said.

The four visited all afternoon. Mary and Martha were both interested in the life of a 20th century woman on earth. But, much of the time Minnie just listened to the others reminisce about Bible times. She felt entirely privileged to be among them, treated as a complete equal.

Hershal prepared the most delicious salmon supper. Peter swore he would be eating a lot more heavenly fish in the future. 

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