Monday, March 11, 2013

Minnie Goes to Heaven (33)

(a novel continued)

“Samuel, how should I prepare?”
“Well to be truthful, you should have prepared on earth. Most Christians live on earth as if that is all of life. They store up treasures down there instead of following the explicit advice of Jesus, ‘Store up your treasures in heaven where neither moth nor rust will destroy them.’ This is a shame. On the Great Judgment Day, they won’t have much to take into the new earth.”
Minnie thought back to her life on earth; she did have a few treasures stored up down there, although, there wasn't anything nearly as wonderful as here. 
“Samuel, what can I do now?”
“Learn as much as you can. Worship the Lord from morning till night in all that you do. And, spend time each day interceding for all of humankind back on earth. Many are lost and our God wants everyone to enjoy Him. Use the lake God has given you.”
“The empty lake in front of my cottage?”
“That lake should be constantly filling up.”
“Oh Samuel, I’m so sorry I didn’t know.”
After class Minnie walked back to the cottage. She stood at the edge of the empty lake and watched the stars twinkling beneath. “Dear God,” she said, “Please forgive me for walking by this lake without once interceding for the people down there. Dear God, be real to them. Put a love for you in their hearts. Let them love you most of all and love each other in word and deed. Dear God teach me what to pray. And, Lord, give the people down there a lake-filling desire to pray.” 
A gentle rain began. Minnie danced with delight. “Lord, I praise your name.”  Several big drops splashed into the tiny pool at the bottom of the lake. Minnie promised the Lord, she would be back at lakeside first thing in the morning.
The next morning, even before Hershal had breakfast on the table, Minnie was dressedthis time in a green shift with a leafy beltand out at the lake, peering down. She saw her town. A few people were up mowing their lawns and washing their cars. Others were still lying in bed. Her husband John was one of those. Not too many were going to their work. It must be Saturday.
Yes, of course, today was the seventh day, all of heaven would be gathering to worship God. She wondered about Sunday. Hershal will know what happens on Sunday. Minnie wanted to run right back into the cottage to ask him, but she forced herself to look at her town. It seemed so dismal there. “Dear Jesus, tell me what to pray.” In her mind she heard the thought, ‘Pray for John.’
“Lord Jesus shine your love on John. Help him to be motivated to use this day for your honour and for your glory. Lift his heart. Let him want to praise you. Fill him with love for those around him. Assure Him that I am here with you.”
John stirred in his bed. A rainbow bent across the lake as a steady rain drizzled down. 

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