Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Minnie Goes to Heaven (30)

(a novel continued)

Minnie woke in the morning to brightness and whispering music. The cottage was filled with it. The music sounded like a million-dollar sonic stereo system, or so she imagined. It penetrated her pores and filled her with joy everlasting. The heavenly light in the room seemed a thousand times brighter than any brightness on earth and yet her eyes were able to take it in. The colours around her enhanced a thousand percent. Yesterday seemed black and white in comparison. When she opened her closet, her linen going-to-God gown shone like a a star. She smiled as she remembered Samuel’s “You’ll see.”
Minnie dressed in a soft yellow shift with a daisy belt.
Hershal served croissants for breakfast.
 Life here was simply heavenly.
“How did you know I would like croissants this morning, Hershal?”
“I’ve been around you much longer than you realize.” Hershal said.
He told her how he had first come into her life when she first came to life. “I was there when the sperm touched the egg, so to speak.”
He told her how he watched over her while she slept, how he protected her when she was in danger, how he responded to God’s direction when she prayed and how his hands were tied when she had the accident. “I couldn’t help you then.”
“Why not?”
“God directed me not to.”
“But why?”
“Always full of questions aren’t you? Only God knows the answer to that one.”
“I’ll ask Him about it,” Minnie said.
“What are you plans for the day, Miss Minnie?” Hershal asked.
“I don’t have any, but I would very much like to meet Peter.”
“That can be arranged. We’ll invite Peter for lunch.”
Sure enough at lunch Peter walked up the path to the cottage. He had three others with him, two women and a man. 
Who are they?” Minnie asked Hershal as they watched the four coming up the path between the flowers.
“You’ll know soon enough.”
Minnie greeted the visitors at the door. “Welcome, Peter,” she said to the red-headed one. “And, who are your friends?”
“You know us,” they chorused. 
“You do if you’ve read your Bible,” Peter said.

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