Thursday, March 28, 2013

Minnie Goes to Heaven (46)

(a novel continued)

Back at the cottage that evening Minnie walked out to the water and stared at the stars under the lake. She prayed for John and her children. “Lord let them know that I'm just fine,” she prayed. 
The peace that came with her recent baptism brimmed up inside and she knew they knew.

Friday when the shofar sounded from the meadow, Minnie was still floating in peace. She had spent the previous three days praising and worshipping and interceding for the saints back on earth. She prayed they would each experience an intimate relationship with the Lord. She prayed that they would take every opportunity to reach those who hadn’t heard the good news of salvation.
Minnie and Lydia met on the way to the meadow. 
In the meadow most of the newbies had already assembled although as yet a few were trickling in from the wooded area.
“How many of you were successful?” the angel in charge inquired. Everyone put up their hands. The meadow instantly became the setting for a giant party. Angels flew in with tables laden with milk and honey and all manner of tasty morsels. A giant rainbow circled round about and Jesus entered. Singing and dancing ensued. They feasted and partied long into the night.
With that and the Going-to-Meet God celebration the following two days, Minnie thought she might grow tired of  celebrating and worshipping. She wasn’t the least bit tired and hungered for more.

When Minnie and Samuel met for class on Monday, Samuel immediately noticed a difference in Minnie. “I believe you are ready for regular classes with the others. This means we’ll have to set up a curriculum. What would you like to know about?”
Minnie was prepared for the question. “So many things, Samuel, but mostly, I want to know more about God—who He is.”
“That, dear one, is an eternal study, very worthwhile. You have chosen wisely. There are so many aspects of God, one could spent every moment in all eternity learning about God and there would still be more to discover.”
Samuel decided to register Minnie in God-study 101—classes to begin immediately. They walked in the direction Minnie’s parents had taken in what seemed an age ago. Minnie wondered what the school would look like. Surely it couldn’t be one of those big institutional buildings she thought of as school. That would be so not heavenly. “Samuel, what is the school like?”
“You’ll see.” 

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