Friday, March 29, 2013

Minnie Goes to Heaven (47)

(a novel continued)

They crossed a meadow and cut through a wooded area. At the end of the wood, they stood at the crest of a grassy hill and looked down on a great open plain, much larger than the meadow. The plain was divided into sections, not at all square. From her bird’s eye view Minnie counted at least a hundred sections just in the foreground. A stream meandered through the entire plain. Heavenly waterfalls abounded. Each grassy section included natural seating encircled with rocks and several fruit-bearing trees planted by the stream. There were people everywhere.
“I’ll introduce you to your class,” Samuel said. He took Minnie’s hand and the next thing she knew they walked into a section with a waterfall to their right and a teacher to the left. 
“This is Minnie,” Samuel said, “She’s here for God 101.”
The teacher shook her hand, “I’m Sarah, and this is our class.” Sarah motioned to the class of students. “You made it just in time for introductions.”
Each student stood in turn. Sam, a lumberjack died when a tree fell on him. George died of old age and had never realized an intimate relationship with God was possible. Grace had also died of old age and had read her Bible everyday while on earth. Melinda died in an automobile accident and went to heaven with her infant who was now in the Babies class. Henry had a heart attack at the age of fifty. He was a handyman, always ready to help those in need. Elizabeth died of heart disease. She had left behind a family of 12 children. Paulette had been bitter for the last several years of her life and died of breast cancer. Greta died of old age and had never had a family she could call her own. Georgette was a happy bubbly person shot by a stray bullet in the woods during hunting season. Minnie introduced herself as Minnie who wanted to know more about God.
Sarah welcomed everyone and simply said, “You can find more about me in Genesis.” She laughed when the class gasped with realization.
“We are so privileged,” Georgette said.
Minnie knew she would like this class. Even to sit next to a heavenly waterfall made coming here worthwhile. Sarah proved to be very knowledgeable and had a wonderful sense of fun. She had studied God for thousands of years and claimed to still know only a small portion of all there was to know. She called God various names and she interchanged the names constantly: Mighty God, Immanuel, Jehovah, Provider, Love, Creator, Healer, Master, Friend.... 
There were countless aspects of the Majestic One to explore and many more attributes to recognize.
“To know the Great I Am, you must spend time with Him.” Sarah emphasized. You must constantly recognize His presence.
Minnie wanted to do that. She remembered sitting on His lap. 
When the class was over, Sarah asked Minnie to stay. “Minnie, I’m going to see the Father of Lights now and He has asked me to bring you along.”
“But why?”
“He hasn’t told me.”

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