Monday, April 1, 2013

Minnie Goes to Heaven (48)

(a novel continued)

“I don’t have my going-to-see-God gown with me.”
God looks at the heart. Sarah took Minnie’s hand and instantly they were in the Holy City. 
Why did God want to see her? Minnie thought she might explode with anticipation.This was definitely something she would have worried about in times past (seeing God and exploding, both). But now, she simply delighted in the joyful expectation. 
As they approached the throne area, she could smell the sweet fragrance of Jesus. She wanted to be with God more than she wanted anything else.

At the throne God stepped down to meet them. He took Minnie’s hand. “Minnie, my child, I told you that I have something I want you to do. You are ready to hear it and you are free to choose. It is not easy, but I will always be with you. My Holy Spirit will counsel and guide you through the entire mission.”
“What is it Lord? I am listening.”
“Minnie, Your body is still in the hospital in a deep coma. I would like you to go back. I have much for you to do on earth.”
“Such as?”
“Do only what you see me doing. My Spirit will guide you.”
“You mean you are not going to tell me now.”
“It is better this way. Trust me.”
“I trust you Lord, but can I trust myself to hear you clearly?
“My Spirit will guide you.”
Minnie thought. She thought about all the people with whom she hadn’t shared the Good News of the gospel. God was possibly giving her a second chance. “God I’m scared I’ll mess up.”
“You might.”
“What then?”
“Call on me. I have all the answers.”
“God, do I have to tell you right now?”
“Are you waiting for something? Will you know your mind better in a few days?”
“Lord, I want to obey you. I want to do whatever you give me to do, but I’m afraid. Heaven is such a safe and wonderful place. Earth is full of demons and sin and darkness and opportunities to disobey you. Help me Lord to do this thing you are asking.”
“I Am.” God said.

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