Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Minnie Goes to Heaven (50)

(a novel continued)

Why did she agree to leave heaven? She knew why. 
Would it be possible to be content in heaven knowing that she had turned down God? That would be telling God she was wiser than He. 
Minnie knew she had made the right decision. She knew that God would help her to be able to do whatever it was he wanted her to do. And, she knew that she would no longer be afraid of death, ever. Death was a very good thing. 
Minnie also knew that she knew not to worry. She was a changed person. She would wake up on earth without a single worry. That in itself would be heavenly.
With those thoughts, Minnie fell into a deep, deep sleep. In her sleep she had a dream. It was winter in heaven. She dreamed she was skating on the lake outside her cottage.The ice broke, and she fell through. She dropped down under the ice and could feel herself falling, falling, falling. She was wearing scuba gear with tubes coming out and bubbling equipment all around her. She landed. 

Minnie awoke in a hospital room. She was still wearing the scuba gear which she wanted to remove. A bell rang and a nurse rushed into the room.
“Well, well, well…welcome back to the world.”
“I was in heaven?”
“You certainly haven’t been here for the past three weeks.”
 Over the next several hours Minnie had visits from nurses and doctors and medical teams until they finally un-wired and detached all the hoses except one monitor and an I.V. 
Minnie had difficulty with the lack of freedom. Here she was stuck in her old earthly body in a hospital bed after running and swimming and flying.
Before she had time to feel too sorry for herself, John came to visit. The sight of her awake and aware, lit him up. She realized now that he must have spent hours here at her bedside sadder than sad.

“Oh Minnie, you are back.”                                                             
Minnie moaned. This surprised her. She wasn’t used to moaning or groaning. She smiled up at John. He took her hand. “I missed you so much.”
She squeezed his hand, “I’ve been away to the most beautiful place.”
The nurse came in and told John it was time to go.
Over the next several days Minnie was allowed to get up out of bed and began eating hospital food, which didn’t compare to Hershal’s heavenly hash but what could she do?
John came to stay with her every day. She told him about her many heavenly experiences, about Jesus and the angels and God the Father and the windows in heaven and the promise of a new heaven and a new earth after Jesus comes back on the clouds. 
It’s right there in the Bible and all these years we’ve read over it without realizing our destination is to live on a new earth, much finer than this old worn-out one. 

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