Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Minnie Goes to Heaven (68)

(a novel continued)

Meanwhile in the kitchen the kids were discussing their mother’s supposed excursion.
“Do you think she really went to heaven?” Mary said.
“Sounded like a real place,” Treasa said. “I mean the way she described God and Jesus...you could almost see her glow as she told it.”
“Mom always had a vivid imagination,” Bill said.
“Not quite that vivid,” George said. “What do you think, Henry?  You haven't said two words this whole time.
Everyone looked at Henry as if they had just noticed him. He seemed to have an ability to dissolve from the present.
Henry continued slowly wiping a pan that George had just washed. “I have trouble believing in heaven at all or a God who gets nasty about ‘men with men.’ I know who I am and how I feel and if there is a God He made me this way. How can God be described as ‘loving’ when He hates the very thing He creates?” He looked at each one of them, waiting for an answer.
“I don't know,” Mary said.
“My parents...we've had our debates,” Henry said. “They believe every word of the Bible, and can’t face the truth about their son. That’s why they went to Florida for Christmas...avoidance.”
“Looks like we’re done in here,” Bill said. “Let’s go meet the parents.”
They filed out of the kitchen as Mary gave the counter a last wipe.
“That was quick work,” Minnie said.
“We left a few things for you to put away,” George said. “We didn't want to hide them on you.”

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