Thursday, April 11, 2013

Minnie Goes to Heaven (55)

(a novel continued)

The first day of their proposed fast, the first day in December, John left for work early to receive the annual truckload of Christmas trees he and his two workers would be selling from the nursery. 
Minnie wandered around the house tidying up. She tried not to think about the food she hadn't eaten. She drank a glass of water, and another glass of water. Then she remembered she was supposed to be praying. She prayed that the people of Haven would want to hear about Jesus. She prayed that Christians of Haven would want to talk about Jesus. She prayed that she and John would be able to do what Jesus was asking of them. 

John came home at about noon with a Christmas spruce. 
"Where should we put it this year?" he asked.
"That's a nice full one," Minnie said. "Maybe in the front window. I always like it there.
"I'll get the decorations." She was happy for the distractionto keep her mind off food.
Minnie was still pulling cardboard cartons out of the attic space in the eaves on the third floor when John came up to help her. "I think this is it," she said, "Five boxes."
“We should just buy one of those pre-decorated trees.” John said.
“And what would we do with all these memory-filled decorations?” 
“Divide them up between the children.”
“We both know they aren’t ready for anything like that. George is the only one who would appreciate them…”
Minnie sighed.

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