Saturday, April 6, 2013

Minnie Goes to Heaven (52)

(a novel continued)

Three weeks after coming home from the hospital Minnie was up most of the day. A month later, she was ready to go Christmas shopping even though it was only October.
“This year I want to get each of the kids something special,” she told John at breakfast.
“Something special to let them know how much we love them.”
“Sounds expensive. I better get to work.” John got up from his place at the table, kissed Minnie lightly on the cheek and headed for the door.
Come back here. It's Saturday. Have another cup of coffee.

John grinned and sat down again. It was Saturday and this time of year there wasn't much at the nursery that couldn't wait. He loved being with his Minnie even though he didn't quite understand her.
“Jesus will lead me to the very best gifts for the kids. He knows what we should get.” Minnie said.
 If you say so.” 
“Why don’t you ask Jesus to appear to you as well?” Minnie said.
“I'm not ready to die, thank you.”
“Just because you don't go to visit Him in heaven doesn’t mean He can’t connect with you down here. Just ask Him.”

That very evening John sat back in his Lazy-boy and prayed, “Jesus, thank you for sending Minnie back to me. I would like that connection seems to have with you. Please Lord.” He kept his eyes closed.
In his mind’s eye he saw Jesus. Jesus wore a white robe and looked very much like His picture on the Bible storybook Minnie and John had read to their children when they were young. 
Jesus stood before John with his arms extended. He said, “I’m here for you John.”
John felt bubbly inside despite himself. “What would you like to tell me?” he asked.
“I love you John.”
“And I you, Lord.”
“I have a mission for you John. Should you accept, your life will never be the same.”
“What is it Lord?”
“I would like you and Minnie to partner with me to bring this whole town into my kingdom.”
“That’s a bit overwhelming.”
“Not for me.”
“Well, if you put it that way...but how?”
“You’ve already started. Just keep talking to me?”
Jesus shook John’s hand and He was gone.
John opened his eyes. Minnie was staring at him.
“John, where were you just now?
“Talking to Jesus.” He pulled her into the chair with him. I'm so glad you're back.
So am I.
Over the next few days, Jesus told Minnie exactly what to buy for each of her children for Christmas and He gave John a strategy for winning the town to Himself. The strategy was simple. Pray and encourage all the Christians in town to pray over every home on every street. 

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