Thursday, April 18, 2013

Minnie Goes to Heaven (60)

(a novel continued)

“Isn’t this totally amazing?” Judy said to Rex in particular.
“Yes,” he nodded. “In all my years ministering at Rockwood or anywhere, I have never heard such an amazing story.”
“Ministering?” John said.
“Judy neglected to mention that she is married to a pastor. It sometimes gets in the way of free-flowing conversation if people know. I apologize.” 

That night when Minnie and John crawled into bed, they said a prayer of thanks. It occurred to them their new friends might be part of God’s strategy to win the city. He simply hadn’t told them. Or had He?

The next three weeks whizzed by. When Minnie did her Christmas shopping, she found those just right gifts for each of her children and a warm duvet for Johnto share with her of course. She baked sugar cookies and brownies and speculaas and accepted an invitation to a cookie exchange at Nan's house. 
For the cookie exchange she made twelve dozen favourite chocolate chip cookies and wrapped them in twelve packages. 

Nan had invited an eclectic group of women, mostly unchurched. Even though Minnie and Nan had been friends for years, Minnie hadn't met any of the other guests until now. Minnie alone belonged in the category of Christian friend who stuck with Nan even though she left the church when she divorced her personable, alcoholic husband: “The church couldn't understand why I would leave such a nice man.
The twelve women spent the evening sipping wine, sharing stories and laughing. Birthing stories abounded. 
Nan honoured Minnie as the woman who went to heaven.  
“What was that like?” asked Amie, who had given birth in a Chevy at the side of the road on the way to the hospital.
“Heavenly.” Minnie said.
The women were fascinated.
“So you believe you were in heaven?” said Sue who didn't have children and didn't want any, thank you very much.
“It could have been a vivid dream,” said Cindy, the fan of Caesarian birth which makes it easier to plan your life.
“It could have,” Minnie admitted. “All I know is, I love Jesus more than I ever have and I want to go back.”
Later that evening each woman left Nan’s house with twelve dozen different types of cookies and much to think about.

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