Monday, April 15, 2013

Minnie Goes to Heaven (57)

(a novel continued)

For the rest of the day, they variously prayed, thought about food, read their Bibles and watched the evening news. 
Their stomachs felt hollow. 
"I'm going to bed now," Minnie said.
"It's only eight o'clock," 
"If I don't, I may go to the kitchen and be tempted."
"Good night then." John said.
In bed Minnie wondered why talking with Jesus couldn't be more like she had experienced in heaven.
"I'm always here," she heard in her spirit.
"God, you seem so distant."
"I am at the centre of your being where you invited me to be. When you were in heaven you were in the centre of my being."
"Aren't you everywhere?"
"I Am in all, but sin....."
"So this is as good as it gets for now?"
"Live from my presence, not from your circumstances."
Minnie fell asleep.
She dreamt she was kneeling in a sealed cardboard box, pen in hand. She used the pen to poke holes in the box. She poked a large circle of holes until she was able to punch out the circle and crawl through into a larger stronger cardboard box.
In the larger box she knelt and prayed.
The Lord told her to draw a door on the side of the box. She sketched a rectangle with hinges. When she drew the door knob, the door opened. She stepped out into a metal box as big as a house and filled with people.
Together Minnie and the others knelt and prayed. The Lord told them to draw a cross on the wall. The cross became a bright light and then a flaming sword. They used the sword to cut a doorway which led out onto an open plain. A lion growled in the distance.
Minnie woke up. Beside her, John was laying on his back snoring.

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