Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Minnie Goes to Heaven (64)

(a novel continued)

Monday morning, faster than a cat could wink an eye, Minnie baked her pie; or at least, it seemed that way. The crust rolled out as if by itself. The strawberries and rhubarb she had taken out of the freezer Saturday night were completely thawed and provided an entire pitcher of juice. The crimped edging had never looked so neat and perfect. And the biggest miracle of all, the juices from the heaping pie didn’t spill over onto the oven floor.
‘Thank you, Lord. I know this pie is a gift from you,’ Minnie said as she pulled her glorious wonder from the oven. Then she saw Hershal. He was standing beside her. “Hershal, you scared me.”
“Fear not, God is taking care of you. Obey Him in every moment.” Hershal disappeared.

On Christmas morning Minnie got up early to prepare the chicken. She made the traditional bread stuffing and did everything the way she had been doing Christmas dinner for the past ten years. By church time dinner preparations were well under control. She might even have time to visit with the kids in the front room after church. 
Minnie loved going to church on Christmas morning, singing the Christmas carols and hearing the Christmas story one more time. She wished the kids would have planned to join them for the church service, but knew that was unrealistic. 
When Minnie and John returned from church Bill was waiting for them. He had let himself in with the special key they kept in the secret place. He even had coffee waiting for them and had put some of Minnie's baked goods out on a plate. They hugged and kissed and visited.
“I have something to tell you,” Bill said. “I may as well tell you now, before the others get here.”
Minnie looked intently at the handsome, clean-cut young man who was her son.
“I’ve met a girl.”
“I brought her home with me.”
“Where is she?”  John asked, looking around.
“Back at the hotel. We actually came in last night. We’ve been living together for a few months. I really like her.” Bill blurted.
Now,  Minnie and John knew that their son was 27 and out on his own, making his own decisions, and had decided years ago to drop the Christian stuff from his life, but they had been praying that he would be drawn to the Lord somehow. They had been praying that he would meet a wonderful Christian woman. “Is she a Christian?” Minnie asked.
“She was brought up Christian, if that helps.” Bill said.
“So were you, son,” John said. “Does it help you?”
“If you don’t want me to bring her....”
“Of course she’s welcome to come,” Minnie said. “You could have brought her home without having to ask.”
“Well, I didn’t want her to get the once over about what she believes.”
“We’ll behave,” John said as he gave Minnie a meaningful look.
“I’m sure she’s a wonderful girl,” Minnie said. “Go get her. It can't be much fun alone in a hotel room on Christmas morning.”
Bill chugged down his coffee and stood to leave.
“What’s her name?” Minnie asked.
“Treasa,” Bill sung out the name.
After he left, Minnie said, “We’ll have to give her something. She’ll feel so awkward if there isn’t a gift for her.”
“You’ll feel awkward,” observed John.
“I have unopened perfume. It’s expensive. George gave it to me for Mother’s Day. I can give her that.” 
“And, what will George think?” 
“I’ll tell George before she opens it. He’ll understand.” 

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