Monday, April 29, 2013

Minnie Goes to Heaven (67)

(a novel continued)

The younger generation sat in rapt attention as Minnie told them about her trip to heavenabout Jesus and God and the angels and the tipping bowls and castle row and the colours and smells of heaven.
“But, was it really real?” Bill asked.
“If it wasn’t, it was a mighty vivid vision....No, I'm pretty sure it was real. In fact it was more real than us sitting here right now. It's hard to explain,” Minnie said.
“Must have been a little difficult to come back to this old place from something like that,” Mary said.
“I had to. You see God asked me to, and when God asks you to do something—that’s the only intelligent choice. Besides, I missed your dad.
“How about some dessert?” John said.
They all helped clear the table and Minnie brought out the Monday morning miracle pie.
“Strawberry-rhubarb, my favourite,” Bill said. He turned to Treasa, “You have to taste this. It is so, so, good.”
“Just a sliver,” Treasa said as John was about to cut her piece.
“You can afford to eat more than a sliver,” he said as he deliberately cut a piece a little bigger than the others. “Here you go.”
“I hope you don't mind if I give Bill whatever I can’t finish. I ate much too much already. Everything is so delicious. Thank-you Mrs. Beeky.”
I don't mind at all, Bill said.
“Well, thank you Treasa, and you are welcome,” Minnie said.
They finished the meal with a consensus that the strawberry-rhubarb pie was the very best ever made. 
A loud Bill burp signaled time for clean-up. Seven chairs scrapped back on the floor and George and Mary began picking up plates.

“Hold it.” John said. “We have to read the Christmas story.”
“Let’s do that later, when we’re settled down around the tree,” Minnie said.
They all agreed.

Mary and George decided that their parents should let the rest of them do the dishes. You’ve done enough, Mary said as she shooed them out of the kitchen.
“I didn’t do much,” John said.
“And there isn't much for you to do with all of us here,” George said.

In the front room John turned on the gas fireplace and the two of them watched the fire. 
“Somehow even fake flames are relaxing,” Minnie said.
“Nothing like a real fire though.” 
“Goes for most things.”
“Lord, bring our children into a real relationship with you,” John prayed.
‘I am,’ Minnie and John heard in their spirits.
“He is,” Minnie said.
“I heard it too.” 
“We better not get in the way of what He's doing.” 
“Better not. I am so full of advice for each one of those kids, but I don’t think they want my ‘old-fashioned’ advice. Good the way you could share about heaven.”
“Wasn’t that they all listened and didn’t interrupt.”

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