Friday, April 26, 2013

Minnie Goes to Heaven (66)

“Could you set the table, Mary? Use the Christmas tablecloth of course and....What am I saying? You know how to set the table for Christmas.”
Mary put the extra leaf into the dining room table and took out the tablecloth and the best china.
George walked into the kitchen. “I’ve come to carve the bird.
He found the oven mitts and opened the oven right through Hershal who was still stirring the gravy. “Hey, this gravy is moving around. Look at this mom.”
Minnie glanced over. “It’s been doing that lately.”
Hershal continued stirring.
Minnie continued building her salad as if self-stir gravy were perfectly normal.
George looked in the oven, “Where is the chicken?”
“Oh,” Minnie said. I already took it out.” She pointed with her knife to the counter beside her.  
As George carved Minnie told him about the gift dilemma and her solution. “I was waiting to open the perfume until I finished my other bottle.”
“That’s quite all right, Mom,” George said. “Now I know what to get you for your birthday.”
And, I'm sorry we didn't know Henry was coming.
I hope it's okay. He had nowhere else to go this Christmas.
Of course it is. Minnie gave George a hug.

Mary finished setting the table What about candles?
“That’s what I forgot,” Minnie said.
“O well, it's not like it's dark out.” 
“Look in your stocking, Minnie,” John called out from his chair in the living room.
Minnie went over to the fireplace and pulled out a long package sticking up out of the top of her stocking. She leaned to kiss John on the top of his head, “You are so smart,” she said.
Dinner was ready within the promised half hour and everyone filed into the dining area. “Sit wherever you like,” Minnie said, “As long as you don’t take my place next to the kitchen.”
The meal-time conversation went surprisingly wellas if they all belonged. Treasa and Henry hit it off especially as they joked about family quirks that Bill and George shared. 
“He snores like a dolphin,” Treasa said of Bill.
“So does George,” Henry said.
“How does a dolphin snore?” Mary asked.
“Like this,” Henry said and he made a high-pitched snorty sound.
They all laughed.
“They got it honestly,” Minnie said.
“Yes, mom snores just like that.” Mary said.
“Not me, I don’t snore. It’s your father. Hershal knows.”
“Hershal?” Bill asked.
Minnie looked at her family. ‘Tell them.’ she heard in her heart.
“Hershal is my angel. He was stirring the gravy just now.”
“I can vouch for that,” George said. 

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