Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Minnie Goes to Heaven (49)

(a novel continued)

“When do I leave?” Minnie asked.
“This very night.”
God kissed her forehead. “Be blessed my child.”
Minnie thought she would never have enough of simply being in His presence.  
 God spoke to that thought. Always remember, I Am everywhere.”

Then Sarah and Minnie joined hands and immediately transported to the lake at Minnie's cottage.
“Such a pleasure to have met you,” Sarah said. “We'll meet again, I'm sure, either here or on the new earth.” 
Minnie stared at Sarah who was still shining with the glow of God. “Sarah, you are radiant. Your hair, your, face, your clothes are all shimmering white.
“Speak for yourself.
Minnie looked to their reflections in the lake. Both images reflected as white light. “Sarah, I don't want to leave.
It's only a short while.” 

After Sarah was gone, Minnie put off going indoors. She stared into the lake. She prayed. She prayed for the people of her town. She knew that she wanted to give them what she had received. She knew lives would change if she went back. A love for those she had left behind grew strong and she realized this  love was beyond her capacity. This must be God’s love.
'It is,' she heard in her spirit. 

Inside the cottage she found Hershal preparing a snack. “Thank you Hershal.”
He smiled. “A little heavenly treat before the journey.”
“Hershal, you are coming with me?”
“I am, I’ve been assigned.”
Minnie thought about John and about her children. She would like to see them and to tell them about the wonders of heaven. But, what was her specific mission? And, why wouldn’t God tell her now? Trust me He had said.
After eating the best sugar cookie she had ever tasted and drinking the heavenly hot chocolate, she retreated to the bedroom. She looked in the closet. Too bad she couldn’t take these wonderful clothes back with her; there was absolutely nothing like them back home. She laid down on the bed. Her bed on earth wouldn’t be nearly as comfortable. 

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