Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Minnie Goes to Heaven (63)

(a novel continued)

Sunday morning Minnie woke up early. She got up without waking John and went to the kitchen. She wanted to make her Christmas dessert today. On the other hand, she didn’t like to work on Sundays. She’d been taught that Sunday was the day of rest and one shouldn’t do any work beyond the necessary. It meant one day of the week for refreshing. ‘Lord what do you think about that?’
‘It is good to rest. Come to me and rest. Enter my rest.’
Minnie had experienced that rest in heaven. She remembered the peace, the joy, the total lack of worry. God was in charge.
‘Today, enter my rest.’
‘Does that mean I don’t make the pie today?’
‘Will that worry you?’
Minnie thought about that. It could be worrying. What should she do?
‘Enter my rest, today.’
‘What is your rest?’
‘Walk in obedience to me. I am the Way, the Truth and the Light.’
Minnie remembered her life in heaven. There she had always done exactly as directed in her heart. She had felt so close to Jesus. His choice was always the option she chose without question. Now the distractions abounded, pulling her away from Him.
What was that passage that talked about rest? Minnie took the concordance down from the shelf in the dining room. She looked up the word rest. There it was in Hebrews, “for anyone who enters God’s rest also rests....” Minnie looked up the passage in the family devotions Bible. “There remains, then, a Sabbath-rest for the people of God; for anyone who enters God’s rest also rests from his own work, just as God did from his. Let us, therefore, make every effort to enter that rest, so that no one will fall by following their example of disobedience.”
Minnie continued reading, “For the word of God is living and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.”
That was it of course. To enter God’s rest she would have to live that life, the life of complete obedience, not merely take the Sunday off from her daily routine. 
But, didn’t He want her to set one day apart as well? Wasn’t "keep the Sabbath Day Holy" a command from God?
‘That’s the picture.’ Minnie heard in her heart. ‘I rested when my purposes were complete.’
‘Well, my purpose isn’t complete. I must bake this pie before tomorrow.’ She took out her 10-inch glass pie plate. ‘The chicken needs to be in the oven tomorrow. There won’t be room for pie.’
‘Is your purpose, my purpose?’
The question hung in the air.
‘I don’t know.’
‘Ask me.’
‘Lord should I bake this pie, today?’
‘Will it give you peace?’
‘Only if it’s your will.’
‘That’s my girl. My rest is for today. Every day is today.’
A light went on. ‘I get it...walking in your purpose, every day is the rest. Taking Sunday off is only a picture of what you want. You want complete and total obedience, which was easy in heaven, not so much here. Lord, I need you to guide my actions. I won’t make this pie today if you don’t want me to.’
‘Will this pie give me honor and glory?’
‘Depends how it turns out.’
‘I’ll tell Hershal to help you. But, first check your calendar.’
Minnie looked at the wall calendar. She laughed at herself. ‘Christmas isn't until Tuesday. I have plenty of time to make the pie tomorrow.’
She went back to bed.

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