Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Minnie Goes to Heaven (69)

(a novel continued)
Bill waved the Santa hat, “So, who is Santa Claus this year?”
‘Volunteer Henry’ John heard in his heart. 
“Henry you do it,” John said.
Henry blushed and let Bill put the hat on his head. 
“Don’t worry, we’ll all take a turn,” George said.
The first gift went to Minnie. It was from George and Henry. It was an expensive deep blue shawl made of a very delicate fabric and with a golden thread woven throughout. “Beautiful, almost heavenly,” Minnie proclaimed.
“Thank you so much boys.” She wrapped the shawl around her shoulders and wasn’t seen without it the rest of the evening.
There were golf clubs for John and Minnie from all the kids. The clubs came with lessons. “We thought you should take up a sport,” George said. 
“You are spoiling us,” Minnie said. “How did you know we talked about taking up golf?”
“You’ll have to buy your own golf bags,” Bill said. “We had to stop somewhere.”
“I can probably pick some up at garage sale in the spring,” Minnie said. I’ve seen them at garage sales.
John looked very pleased. “The lessons are a very good idea,” he said.
The children had bought each other gag gifts. Mary received a snowman that sang Frosty the Snowman from Bill. “Maybe it can teach you how to sing,” he said.
George gave Bill a small metal detailed Ferrari that was really a pencil sharpener. “You always wanted a sports car.” 
Mary gave f her brothers each a box of popsicle sticks. “To make things.” 
O...Kay, Bill said.
“Wait for the rest of the gift.” 
“This must be it,” Henry said as he reached for two gifts wrapped with the same bright red paper. George and Bill opened the gifts simultaneously. 
They each pulled out a plastic popsicle makers. “Remember all those fancy popsicles we used to make?”
“Like the one with the worm in it that we were waiting for Mary to eat, and Mom got instead,” Bill said.
“You didn’t?” Treasa looked at Bill I don't think I know you.
“We didn’t figure Mom would want a popsicle,” Bill winked at her.
“It’s time for someone else to be Santa,” George said. He grabbed the hat from Henry’s head and handed it to Treasa.
She adjusted it on her head, “How does it look? I think I need a mirror.”
“It looks fine, honey.” Bill said.
‘Tell her she looks beautiful’ Minnie heard in her spirit. “You look absolutely stunning, with or without the hat,” Minnie said.
Bill beamed.

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