Monday, May 20, 2013

Minnie Goes to Heaven (80)

(a novel continued)

When John and Minnie drove to the church that evening, they found the parking lot plugged and  the adjacent streets lined with cars. “I’ll let you off here,” John said as he pulled up to the church.  Save me a spot. I’ll look for you near the front.”
Minnie went to the back entrance of the church—that way she could go up the back stairs and end up at the front of the sanctuary. When she peeked in she was more than surprised. The pews were filled, the balcony had been pressed into service, there were chairs in the aisles, and people standing at the back. And, the service wasn’t supposed to start for another ten minutes.
Pastor Peters saw her at the door. “Quite something, eh? I guess you have your testimonial all prepared?”
He said it like a question, but fortunately he wasn’t requiring an answer, or at least he didn’t wait for one.
The pastor pointed to a few seats in the front row with reserved signs on them, “For you and your husband.” He patted her shoulder and left her standing there.
‘I’m right here.’
Just then, John came up. She pointed to their seats. They went in and sat down.
The worship team seemed energized by the crowd. They  led the congregation through, My Redeemer Lives, Amazing Grace, and Rock of Ages. It was a good thing the worship team was in top form, Minnie thought, as even she could hear that a good portion of the congregation was not familiar with the songs. 

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