Friday, May 24, 2013

Minnie Goes to Heaven (84)

(a novel continued)

When Minnie told John about what she would be doing for the upcoming Tuesday evenings, he suggested she talk to Pastor Peters about materials. “He knows about these things. Besides you need a solid backup, a church that’s got some responsibility over you when you do something like this.”
“I don’t think Pastor Peters would be much help, John. He really doesn’t relate to women all that well. It would be a waste of his time to have him involved.”
“Suit yourself.”
“Look, I’ve been to heaven. God is obviously behind this thing. That’s all the back-up anyone needs,” Minnie said.
The next day she found some basic study material at the bookstore. They just happened to have a dozen copies of a 7-step discipleship program in the store. Minnie bought the books. The first step was to become accountable, become part of a group that holds you to your commitment and keeps you on track. That is what the group at Nan’s house would do. They would hold each other accountable.
When Tuesday night came and Minnie tried to teach this concept, nobody seemed to get what she was talking about or why she was talking about it. They looked at her with question marks and boredom in their eyes. “Are you sure we need these books?” Nan asked.
“We just want you to teach us about Jesus—having a relationship with Him. Like how do you hear Him talking to you?” Amy said.
“Should I take the books back then?” Minnie asked.
“Works for me,” Nan offered.
Minnie collected the books. “I really don’t have anything else prepared,” Minnie said.
“Coffee anyone?” Nan asked.

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