Thursday, May 23, 2013

Minnie Goes to Heaven (83)

(a novel continued)

They decided to meet for coffee at Nan’s the next day. “You can help eat my three dozen leftover Christmas cookies,” Nan said.
When Minnie drove up to Nan’s, she had to park on the street because there were a row of cars in the lane way, and she was greeted by a dozen women sitting in the living room. 
“Surprise,” Nan said, “We were all at your talk on Sunday night and we all put a hand up. The thing is most of us don’t know much about church, so we got talking and we want you to teach us more about this stuff. At least then we won’t feel like a bunch of church dummies.
‘Lord what do I say?’ Minnie prayed.
‘Say yes. I will lead you through.’
“Okay,” said Minnie to the roomful of women. “Have you figured out when you want to meet?”
“We thought Tuesday evenings right here would be good,” Nan said.
“Works for me,” Minnie said.
“We figured you can decide what we should learn,” Nan said. The others nodded.
They spent the rest of the evening getting to know each other, drinking coffee and finishing up Nan’s freezer stash of Christmas goodies. 
Minnie decided she would go to the Christian Bookstore in town to see what kind of material they had for a discipleship class. 

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